Tropical Storm Debby

Small Boat

In late June of this year, Tropical Storm Debby became the latest storm to impact the Sarasota area here in Florida.  Although I was out of town at the time, I came back a few days later and saw the impact of the storm for myself.

As often with the case of tropical storms, the system had slowed down over the Florida peninsula and allowed for sustained wind damage and dumped rain on our local area.  In our time here I’ve seen several storms and “close calls”, but this particular event generated the most visual evidence I’ve seen.  I took a morning to survey the damage on the Sarasota Bayfront, and brought my camera with me.

"Forever Sunrise" Wreck

The first thing I noticed were the plethora of small boats that had been pulled loose from their anchored spots in the bay and swept up towards the shoreline.  The stretch along Bayfront Drive is one of the most beautiful in the city, due to the Ringling Causeway in the background, but also to the small navy of boats anchored.

In exploring the Island Park area, battered and damaged boats were visible washed up on the beaches.  Debris was scattered along the sand as well, and there was considerable beach erosion.  It took several months before these boats were all cleared out and everything was restored to normal.


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