New vs. iPhoto and Your Workflow

So I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately covering the forthcoming from Apple, which essentially is an iPhoto replacement (but not an Aperture replacement), and I’m curious to those of you that have a photo post-processing workflow…what is it, and will it change or be affected by this new app?

We know Aperture is eventually going away, and Apple seems to be moving away from apps focused at professionals, and concentrating on the average consumer and prosumers instead (which seems to be a good financial move for the company).

For myself, I recently moved over to from iPhoto to Lightroom for my image management/metadata system, and use Photoshop for actual editing. I’m of the mind to keep my personal photos in iPhoto (and soon,, since I have them synced in iCloud for use on my other iDevices.

What are your thoughts? Have a great week guys!


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