Restructuring the Blog!

Hi folks! After having Life Through Lens and Melody up and running for a couple of years and thoroughly enjoying writing for it, I’ve realized a couple of things…the most important of which is that it’s going to require a bit more focus.

Stats have shown me that even though many people are enjoying my photography-related posts (which are at the forefront of what I’m trying to do), not everyone ALSO shares my affinity for coffee, music, and retro pop culture; as much as those subjects fascinate me, it’s occoured to me that perhaps this isn’t the best place to share it.

I’ve decided to trim away categories that don’t tie in to the world of photography, and concentrate on creating more content in this one area, as well as creating BETTER content.

I’ll still be incorporating the other stuff where I can as it relates to photography, but I want to give you guys interesting things to read and see, more collections of incredible photography from around the world, tips and techniques, gear discussions and reviews, mobile photography and apps, film photography and post-production tutorials.

I’ll still be posting images from my portfolio as it grows, and provide stories on how these images were taken; maybe this will inspire you to expand and improve in your particular area as well. And of course, I’ll still be posting snippets and links from my latest articles published at Digital Photography School and Photodoto.

I appreciate you guys reading, and for the ones who follow me, believe me when I say I truly enjoy seeing your content as well in my daily reader (I follow almost everyone who follows me), and I look forward to seeing what new and wonderful things you have to offer!


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