Get Excited About Adobe Lightroom 6/CC!

Hey folks! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting as much, super busy with the video shoot we did recently, as well as the promotional stuff after, but I have plenty of articles coming soon.

I did have a new article come out on Digital Photography School this past week, discussing the newly released Adobe Lightroom 6/CC update. Lots of cool tidbits came with this upgrade, so delve into a bit of a summary on some of these features in this article, thanks for reading folks!

“The day is upon us, my friends; Lightroom CC is here. The latest update to Adobe’s excellent photo management tool has arrived, and as cliche as it sounds, it really does offer something for everyone.

While the updates won’t necessarily satisfy hardcore Aperture users (who are still licking their proverbial wounds), Lightroom 4/5 users can easily justify this upgrade as a satisfying mix of under the hood, and hands-on improvements.”


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Tips for Creating Landscape Photos during the Golden Hour

The golden hour. Even if you haven’t been involved in photography for very long, you undoubtedly have heard the term thrown around. As photographers we are in the business of capturing light, and there is no better light to have cast on our subjects, than sun light that is low on the horizon.

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5 Quick Reasons to Use the Nifty Fifty for Landscape Photography

My new article is out at Digital Photography School, and it’s geared towards you Nifty Fifty lovers!

“The 50mm prime lens, or as it’s more commonly known, the Nifty Fifty; we all know the name, even inexperienced photographers have likely heard of it. Most of us know it for its outstanding qualities; an inexpensive, quality, prime lens that is in plenty of photographers’ bags around the world, and one of the most popular lenses of all time

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Guide to Buying Your First DSLR

Ready to buy your first DSLR, and not sure what to look for?

Check out my new article on Digital Photography School, “Guide to Buying Your First DSLR”, as I go in-depth into what factors to consider, what features to shop for, and even a few models that might fit the bill perfectly!

The Importance of Having a Photographic Style

Every art form that we as humans enjoy all have a common thread: They all have differing styles that set each apart and make them unique.

Photo by Iozertop Zertos

Photography is no different. Our art form has countless styles, forms and genres for us to explore. But why is it necessary for us to understand style? The simple answer is having a well–defined style allows us to stand out and be unique, which is necessary in today’s highly competitive photography market.

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How to Change your Photography by Simply Changing your Perspective

Perspective…it is a central component of photography, although it’s one that you probably don’t actively consider when composing a shot.  For our purposes, perspective can be described as the dimensions of objects within a scene and the measurements between them as they correspond to the viewpoint of the camera.  This simply means how things appear in a composition from the camera’s point of view.

Photo by Isaac Gautschi

Keep in mind, this has nothing to do with the focal length of the lens or any electronic settings within the camera, but only how the scene physically exists between itself and your camera.

Fortunately for us, we can completely change the scene simply by altering that perspective. And another happy coincidence: Altering the perspective is simple to do!

So the $64,000 question is, why would you care about changing up your perspective?  In short, to get out of a rut.  And that rut is the majority of the photos we take tend to be from one recurring perspective: Eye level and straight on to the scene or subject.  Why?  Because that’s where the camera is when we bring it up to peer through the viewfinder.

So let’s discover a few ways that will help us change that, get out of the rut, and maybe change our outlook on composing a great photo.


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8 Simple Guidelines for Capturing Spectacular Sunrise and Sunset Images

From my article on Digital Photography School:


When we are asked to think of popular subjects for landscape photography, images of beautiful sunsets immediately come to mind. What outdoor photographer worth his or her salt doesn’t have at least a couple of images of the sun dipping below the horizon? In most people’s minds, it is an easy thing to capture; the beauty and scale of the event itself should carry the photo, with minimal interaction from the photographer.


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30 Ideas to Jump-start Your Photo Theme Project

Variety, not only the spice of life, is also one of the most beautiful things about the art form of photography; the number of possible subjects for a photo is almost limitless.  There are formats, within forms and within disciplines, and all we need to create a work of art is an idea, which can come to us at any time and in many ways.


Unfortunately, like with any creative medium, photographers can experience a block, or lack of ideas for a subject.  It’s no different than a writer drawing a blank on words to add to his book or an artist having a difficult time putting that first stroke of paint to a blank canvas.

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8 Reasons We’re Looking Forward to Springtime Photography

Ah, the changing of the seasons. For us photographers, most seasonal changes bring about opportunities to take great photos under differing conditions, and usually no change is more dramatic than the transition from winter to spring.  The world thaws into a new and color-dripped landscape, ripe for capturing its natural beauty through springtime photography.

Photo by Barbara Florczyk

Photo by Barbara Florczyk

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