AchromaticI’ve been taking more and more black and white photos lately, and this one comes from my own backyard. I’ve been wanting to shoot this huge flower against my back fence for weeks before it goes away, as it does every year.

After I shot it, it didn’t convey my original feeling of awe, so I converted it to black and white during post-processing. I feel it has the sense I originally had now.

Can you tell what color the flower was?


Hill at Celery Fields

Celery Fields is the highest natural point in Sarasota, and I can tell you it’s definitely strange to be so high in this flat state that is Florida. Taken at sunset, I felt this image translated better to what I saw in black and white.


The Eerie Cemetery…

Happy Halloween my friends! In honor of the oft under-appreciated holiday, I’d like to share a few images with you over the course of the next couple of days.

Let’s start with a shot I took of our own Rosemary Cemetery here in Sarasota a couple of years ago. The cemetery is historically significant to our area, in that many of our local founders are plotted here; With graves dating back to the 1880’s, and featuring a touch of Gothic stone architecture, the graveyard is historically fascinating and eerie at the same time!


For more information about Rosemary Cemetery: