AchromaticI’ve been taking more and more black and white photos lately, and this one comes from my own backyard. I’ve been wanting to shoot this huge flower against my back fence for weeks before it goes away, as it does every year.

After I shot it, it didn’t convey my original feeling of awe, so I converted it to black and white during post-processing. I feel it has the sense I originally had now.

Can you tell what color the flower was?


Something Green

I’m doing a 30 Day photo challenge on Facebook (those things are great for giving your creativity a kick in the butt), and yesterday’s entry was supposed to be for something green. Although the pic I took on my iPhone wasn’t dominated by green, I was really happy with the way it turned out.

By the way guys, if you are on the fence about the iPhone 6 Plus…..go ahead and slip off on that side…I had my reservations at first but the phone and the camera are FANTASTIC. This photo was taken on my 6 Plus, with a bit of post-processing help from the Camera+ app for contrast.