Sarasota Bay and the Case for Widescreen Format

Good morning friends! Today I wanted to share a shot from last weekend I took from the Sarasota Bayfront, but also mention a creative choice I’ve made recently (which is entirely unconsequential to you guys), and that is to begin presenting¬†my images in 16:9 widescreen format.


Photographers use several different formats depending on their photography style and equipment; Peter Lik uses an extreme panoramic ratio to accentuate the wide, sweeping view he has envisioned, while a photographer concentrating on shots for Instagram might crop using the 1:1 (square) format.

After doing some test crops, I feel the 16:9 format will lend itself well to my type of photography, which usually straddles the line between landscape and nature.

This shot is in 16:9 to get us started, I hope you guys have a great week!

Sunset Silhouette

After taking my new 24mm pancake lens out last night to the south end of Siesta Beach, I walked away without much to write home about; there wasn’t a ton of proper subjects at that section, and we had a completely cloudless sky.

As we walked behind a section of sea grasses on our way back to the parking lot, I turned towards the water and found this wonderfully colored and contrasted scene. It always seems that when you think there’s nothing worth shooting, a situation like this presents itself.