Sarasota Bay and the Case for Widescreen Format

Good morning friends! Today I wanted to share a shot from last weekend I took from the Sarasota Bayfront, but also mention a creative choice I’ve made recently (which is entirely unconsequential to you guys), and that is to begin presenting my images in 16:9 widescreen format.


Photographers use several different formats depending on their photography style and equipment; Peter Lik uses an extreme panoramic ratio to accentuate the wide, sweeping view he has envisioned, while a photographer concentrating on shots for Instagram might crop using the 1:1 (square) format.

After doing some test crops, I feel the 16:9 format will lend itself well to my type of photography, which usually straddles the line between landscape and nature.

This shot is in 16:9 to get us started, I hope you guys have a great week!


#33 – Inlet Sunset

One more from this past roll of film I shot last weekend. I’m anxious to start a new roll Sunday, this time, Fujifilm Superia Xtra 400 🙂

This was shot from a pier at Phillippi Estate Park here in Sarasota. Other than the occassional boat coming in from the Gulf, this inlet is usually very quiet and serene, as it was this day.